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Town Planning Services

As a town planner we assist property owners to achieve the full potential of their property and to get rid of unneccessary encumbrances and restrictions.

  • A Town Planner gathers and assesses all relevant information with regard to a specific property,
  • A Town Planner then provides the property owner with advice, and finally
  • Assists the property owner with the recommended procedures.

The Town Planner compiles applications and manages these procedures on behalf of the property owner.

Applications and Procedures are regulated by legislation (i.e. Acts, Ordinances, Town Planning Schemes) and official development policies.

In the process of compiling and managing applications, the Town Planner also coordinates the involvement of various other professions such as:

  • Engineers
  • Land surveyors
  • Geo-technical experts
  • Environmental experts
  • Architects
  • Legal experts
  • Valuators



Eduard van der Linde & Ass sponsored the first student paper competition of the Department of Town and Regional Planning at the University of Johannesburg.

Newsletter of the Development Planning and Urban Management Department of the City of Johannesburg .....

Stormwater problems between neighbours....?


Do you know that the valuation of your property is essential for the sake of Capital Gains Tax and negotiations as a result of expropriations or proclamations?

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